How to Boost Your Car Insurance Coverage?

Here are 5 additions or points that can boost your car insurance coverage:

Zero depreciation

No one likes to be in such a situation where you are shocked to know that you have to wash your hands out of your pocket to repair your damaged car. Even if you have a car insurance policy. But the fact is that no insurance policy covers your car in case of loss or damage in an accident.

To avoid such a situation, one should choose nine deputies. Additions, that offer you a full price claim after an accident. Ideally, for new cars only, companies usually do not add such cars to cars over 5 years old.

No Claim Bonus Retained (NCB)

By keeping its name NCB, this addition serves to protect your NCB. The NCB has a reward for not claiming an insurance policy in the past year.

In general, people do not benefit from any claims. But renew insurance every year. The insurance company offers a reward in the form of a discount of up to ٪ 50 on the premium cost which the company will withdraw once the claim is taken. Therefore, even if you make a claim, there is an arrangement to maintain the NCB.

Road assistance

Imagine you are going home. Your car is stuck somewhere in the middle of the night for some reason. Like a fuel, a technical problem, or a dead battery, now what?

As the name suggests, this addition will help you get home in the event of an emergency. Your car will take care of. If you’ve chosen this addition along with a standard car insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about assistance driving to a remote location or at night.

Personal accident coverage

With this extra cover, the insurance company protects the owner as well as the paid driver in any case. You can cover a personal accident with a comprehensive car insurance policy. This addition gives you the benefit of a lump sum in case of permanent disability or accidental death.

Daily Cash Allowance

In the event of a major accident, the process of repairing your car is too long. Your car has to stay in the garage for days, weeks, or more than a month. In this situation, you need to travel by public transport or hire a taxi. That is an expensive option especially if you have budget constraints. So, under this increase, the insurance company will bear the cost of such daily travel.

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