Teaching Assistant and His Role

Teaching Assistant

It is a fun job if you like working with children. Working hours and holidays are appropriate if you have your own school-age children. The salary is good and you can get a part-time job. Prospects can also be attractive with opportunities to specialize in Special Educational Needs (SEN) or become a higher-level TA.

The role of teaching assistants

Here is the keyword support. TA’s job is to support different people and activities in the school environment:

Supporting the teacher

There are many activities where a teaching assistant can be of great help to teachers. Monitoring administration, planning, student assessment, lunchtime, and mealtimes.

Helping the student

There is real joy in helping students. Reading, group activities, projects with small groups or individuals, development of social skills, numbering skills, IT skills, and much more.

Supporting the school in general

It is done by working with and encouraging parents. Partnering with other professionals working at the school and preparing and participating in parent evening and other events.

How to become a teaching assistant

You need some training and experience to join the happy band of graduate assistants. It is important because competition for TA jobs can be tough.

Individuals with qualifications and experience have a much better chance than applicants for the position. But they have neither the training nor the experience.


Use the Internet to use Google and teach assistant courses. Then carefully consider which courses are good in the offer. Choose the offer with qualifications approved by a supplier that offers tutor support. Beware of new distance learning suppliers. Because there are some offer courses in the market for low prices but give very little support to the students.


If you can gain some experience by working in the school, you will have a great opportunity to get a job. It can only be for a few hours a week. But it will shed more light on your application than others who have not been able to gain such an experience.

Additionally, if you have a placement, this assessment may include in your course and subsequent qualifications. An assessment that puts him at a higher level than outsiders.

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