Science and technology plays an important role in human lives. The optimism we are living with is due to science and technology. Today we can do everything easily and in less time. Our lives have become so simple that we cannot imagine life without science and technology. Science has changed the world so much that if an eighteenth-century man were to come back to life, he would never be able to recognize that this is the world where he lived for a lifetime. If we look around us, we find that everything from a pen to roaring planes and fast moving locomotives is due to science. There will come a day when the world will change completely. This is the age of science and technology. This is why everything has become easier today. Like the morning newspaper from which we get a lot of information, it is also due to scientific progress.



POSITIVE IMPACTS: In all of this, the mobile phone and the internet play an important role in our lives. Mobile phones have completely changed our lives. In the past, people had difficulty in communicating with each other, waiting for days to inquire about each other’s well-being or to report something important. It was actually invented from the earliest communication systems. Mobile phones are invented to improve people’s communication with each other. The invention of the mobile phones changed the way of communication. SMS, call, video chat and so on are some of the unknown methods that have removed all the barriers to communication. People all over the world can not only talk to their loved ones but also see them because of mobile phones even when they are away. In fact, reducing distances is a great advantage of mobile phones. Mobile phones have made it very easy for the people to search websites. These devices are integrated with mobile which helps them to search the website anytime and anywhere. According to a study, 7% of the total time spent on a mobile phone is used in an open browser to search the Internet. At the same time, people have access to information.

NEGATIVE IMPACTS: Just as there are advantages and disadvantages to everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to mobile and the Internet. Today we are so lost in the world of mobile and internet that we don’t even value our relationships. We are close to those who are far from us, but we are far from those who are close to us. In earlier relationships there was a feeling and people lived with love, but now there is neither feeling nor love. Today we are so lost in the world that we see nothing but ourselves. We are close to the things that we have created, and the relationships that we have created are far removed from us.

We interfere in the lives of others through apps and software. By doing nonsense like hacking, we harm others as well as ourselves. Not only the current era but most of the young people who have been using the internet for two decades are interested in learning hacking, but IT experts say that smart and intelligent young people are the ones who spend their precious time and their improvements on positive things.

Most people in the computer industry think that learning to hack is like playing with fire, and that’s because so many talented young people around the world have gone to jail for it. Despite this fact, a large number of young Pakistanis want to become hackers in order to impress their peers, but one thing to always remember is that no matter how smart a hacker may be, one day he will be caught.

If a young person spends as much time learning hacking on the internet as he spends the same amount of time learning website designing or other computer courses, he will soon be able to earn thousands of rupees a month. Hackers should keep in mind that regular legislation is being enacted in Pakistan to deal with hackers and cybercrime, so young people interested in hacking can be advised to caution is better. They must remember that they live in Pakistan where you may or may not have committed a crime, but you may still be subject to the law. Therefore, it is important to always be wary of illegal activities.

According to Western IT experts, a few countries in Africa and Asia, especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, are considered to be the epicenter of software piracy.

This mobile phone was meant to bring us closer to our loved ones but we made it a reason to be away from our loved ones. Today we believe in it more than our own. We’ve really made a lot of progress, preferring these inanimate objects over humans. Now relationships are based on mobile screenshots. We believe in mobile screenshots more than human language. This technology has changed us a lot. And these hackers, who interfere in the lives of others to fulfil their passion. Some hackers not only hack to satisfy their cravings, but they also hack to interfere with the private lives of people they do not like. Our religion does not allow us to interfere in the lives of others. And we are always thinking of ruining the lives of others.


There is still nothing wrong, we can change ourselves if we want and stop them all from happening. We have to make sure that our hobbies do not hurt anyone. We should use these things for our own benefit, not to harm ourselves and others.


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