Why IS NTs Necessary to get a Government Job?

National Testing Service (NTS) is a renowned Pakistan’s first organization that provides testing services. It conducts tests for admissions of students, scholarships, recruitment, and tests for promotion. NTS has been working since 2002. It was established to conduct tests to grant scholarships to deserving students and those who intended to get higher education abroad. It has become a prominent organization for testing. Now many companies hire NTS for recruitment and also the universities to test the students applying for admission. Marks decide who will be eligible and qualify for the desired position.


The Absence of Merit

Due to the influence of ministers and companies’ officials, nepotism grew up. So the people who were not eligible for the posts were given the jobs, and likewise, many incompetent persons were accommodated. The unavailability of jobs is increasing the rate of unemployment. It creates a sense of deprivations of people.

NTS Testing Procedure

So it was a need of time to establish a quality testing organization people of Pakistan could trust on. The procedure of testing should be computerized. As we all know, the chances of mistakes in getting work done through a computer are less and minimal compared to work done manually or entirely dependent on humans. The growing importance of computerization of works related to almost every field of life cannot be disregarded.

Adaptation of Tests

NTS has a feature of adaptation in test formulation. The test can be adapted to the skills and knowledge required for the post an organization needed. The government organization can partly or wholly provide questions is issuing the vacancy.

Color Scheme

The color scheme of question books for the candidate who applies for a govt. job is another hindrance for a cheater. Another feature of this computer-based testing service is the candidate picture on the answer sheet—so no chance to make a proxy for someone. Every different color book has a different sequence of questions. So no one can easily ask for anyone by telling the question number only.

Checking System

In testing, there is another pivotal component for checking the filled tests. There were also chances of error or dominance of one’s sentiments or prejudice for someone. The computerized checking system is outstanding in this regard.

The applicants of jobs are required to fill in the circle entirely about the applicant thinks that is the right answer. Filing is required because the computer only reads the circles and decides about the right or wrong answer.

Govt. Importance to Merit

It is a good thing for the merit that govt. understood the importance of merit. The govt. took its step towards merit and uplifting talent through quality testing. Every step is taken from NTS that possibly leads to transparency and reliability. Different private or government institutions are selected for the test in the different areas of Pakistan. NTS also appoints its superintendent for conducting and overseeing the test.


To conclude, we can say if we want to promote merit and if we want to accommodate the eligible and talented people from the candidates apply for govt. jobs on the government organizations’ important posts, we should make sure every candidate must be through NTS’s strainer.

NTS provides an opportunity to avail of benefits of modern technology and best use of it that provides its services of testing for the selection of best and fit people from a list of candidate who is selected after the fair competition for the vacancies of government organization needed and to run the organization by better minds smoothly.

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