The Life of an Immigrant

The struggle and difficulties of an immigrant have a long history. They immigrate from developing to developed countries to provide more opportunities for earning and getting a better-quality education. They leave our own countries to settle here. The most challenging part of life for an immigrant is brought up in a society with a different culture than others. The behavior of people towards them is not like their own country. Like a stranger is living in a society. An immigrant faces difficulty in communication, harmony in culture, and traditions.


They have to face discrimination, prejudice based on color and creed, and language. The customs, traditions, and culture seem odd to the inhabitants. They have to go through the feelings of ignoring, neglected abilities, and receive payment less than the market. Sometimes availing of the ignorance and sometimes due to discrimination. The difference between tongue and color race creates a line between them that makes it hard for them to create a social fabric. The deficit of trust is also there that doesn’t let make any bond between them.

Student Issues

First-generation American faces a lot of difficulties. First-generation Americans they are not born in America yet they are born in another country and then shifted to the USA. In the student’s life, there is another dilemma. The student from Africa has to face a double-edged sword. First, they are dealing with all of the discriminations and trying to adapting to the new culture. The second thing is the pressure of being perfect in education by securing a good institute position. The education affects due to no cooperation in learning among the students. The African students have problems in communication as they will. It is one of their several issues. It is a big issue too. The natives don’t feel comfortable while communicating with them.

False Labeling

By managing many differences in things, hardworking, adaptable to the new society lifestyle, raising the voice, and trying to defend ourselves, they are labeled with some insidious names. In a bad manner, criminal activities are wrongly attached to our religion, country, and color. As if they are not a normal citizen but a second level citizen. As if they can’t adjust ourselves to the USA social fabric. As if they are not in a country, they are in the examination center to face a new challenge daily. Every day brings a unique situation for them to be tackled.

The Identity Problem

One thing the Americans don’t understand is they have to fight with two facets. First, the culture they left at home, they do, and they follow. The identity is also a tension. That is what they learned from our country, and the second thing is American culture, lifestyle. They have to be loyal to our customs, culture, race, and the United States of America. They are criticized for being a part of a different culture. They have strong norms and culture; it is tough for them to assimilate.

Embrace it Now.

The African parents migrated to the USA after selling their everything. It was a gesture that they left everything to make your life better, so you must remember your culture, norms, and race. Parents’ favor was a promise that provokes them to come what may whether they have to assimilate, but they will never lose our identity they belong.

American culture was irritating for me in the beginning. But now I’m embracing it. The difference in identities doesn’t mean they Africans are not suitable for society, but they can see it positively. They can bring positive change after combining them with all different opinions and cultures. They can do some productive things instead of a clash between people belonging to two other races and mindsets.

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