Job or Freelancing. Which one is better?

It is the widely asked question that what should an unemployed person do in today’s world? When the world is digitalized, and then there are discussions about remote work. There is no need for business existence in today’s world, but you have to hire any person to meet your requirements and assign him the task.  The nature of work is changed in modern times. The employees can submit their work online. Everything is now limitless.

The distances and positions are meaningless to assign and submit the tasks. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for remote work has become a need of time. As the nature of the job changed with digitalization, there is a new mindset of having their own company or work. As the world is facing joblessness, and there are fewer job creators and more seekers. So, people started to enter into the freelancing field.


It is time-bound, a 9-5 routine, and fixed salary at home on the month-end or in some countries starting the month. It is suitable for those who prefer to have a fixed monthly income without any tension of engaging in any task that brings responsibility. A jobholder has a fixed expense, which is set according to the salary. As a famous saying, cut your coat according to your cloth, so a job holder follows.


Freelancing is a new term. As a freelancer, you are free to set your working hours, location, and own wish to take any project or deny. Freelancing is the name of freedom. It is, according to an idiom, being your boss. You are not responsible for another person’s actions. You are responsible for what you do. You have the right to sign any project or deny.

A freelancer has no limitation of income. Sometimes he can’t earn according to need, but sometimes he makes more than expected. As it is freelancing digital working, so there is no fatigue of traveling to reach office on time. He can spare time for his family, and whenever he is free can do his assigned work.

Job or Freelancing?

It depends on what you are interested in. If you need a fixed income without any investment, the job will be suitable for you. If you are looking for independence in your actions and have good skills, you can do outclass and have many chances of growth.

Some people are not risk-takers by nature. Freelancing demands time and patience, so it takes time to fit in an environment. But freelancing gives you freedom and flexibility. You don’t work on any demand. The private job holder has to work log, but he doesn’t receive a satisfactory return. The hard-working is yours, and the actual profit is in the owner’s pocket.

Well, there are also some benefits of a job. Like you don’t have problems arranging any project. A job comes with benefits, increments, pension, health facilities, and many other benefits. A job is a surety of a secure future. There are some issues in freelancing, like fraud, theft, sues, etc. As it is digital, there are some insecurities of fraud.


To Conclude it we can say that freelancing and job both have good and bad things. As compared to job freelancing is more flexible work and more chances of growth. While job, I more secure and tension free option.

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