Health is the greatest of human blessings

The word “health” is used as an alternative of the word “fitness“. This word is a combination of two words, body and accuracy. This refers to the state of the body that is normal or physical and mental health. Human well-being involves physical as well as invisible or internal health.

In earlier times, life was not so busy. In that times, life was much easier and healthier with a healthy environment. People were healthy because they did all the work of the daily lives with their hands and body. But today, in the world of technology, life has become very easy and comfortable but one of its disadvantages is that people have forgotten to work on their own while using advanced machines and equipment. In this way, they are not able to move their body as much as required. That is why, diseases can attack the body easily.

Now a days, our lives are very busy and this busy life is just to make money. We have to work days and nights in order to earn money. But in the cycle of earning money we forget that taking care of our health is very important for us and we also forget that good health is very essential for our healthy life. In order to make money, we also forget to eat, exercise, rest etc. on time. We must not forget that the real wealth in our lives is our health. It is true to everyone that “Health is Wealth“.

These days, it is not possible to live an easy life because everyone wants to earn more money to live a better life than others but only a few people has the skill to spend that money properly. We should use this money properly to improve our health because no matter how hard a person works or does a business but if his health is not good then he will not be able to do any work well.

Now a days, all sorts of steps are being taken to make human life better, but he does not care about his health at all. In the present era, the smoke from various factories has spoiled the fresh air, due to which the supply of fresh air is decreasing day by day. Similarly, fresh water, environment, food, etc. have also been affected and polluted. If we want to keep our environment clean and tidy, we should plant as many trees as possible. Plants maintain the atmosphere. They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. We should use less plastic products and plastic bags.

For good health, it is important for a person to eat, drink, sleep, exercise on time and follow the rules of hygiene. However, in modern times, people do not pay attention to sleep at night and do not sleep during the day due to work. Due to the workload, people have been found to have a lot of eating disorders. Meal times are not fixed and there are sometimes short distances and sometimes more breaks than necessary. In the same way, because of modern comfort, people do less physical work. It is common to eat junk food. People eat a lot of street veal, noodles, popcorn, etc., which is not useful in any way. In addition, prepared foods contain many additives that are harmful to health.

Good health reduces stress and promotes healthy living. We should always be aware of our health and have regular health check-ups. To maintain good health, we should eat a balanced diet like fresh fruits, salads, green vegetables, milk, eggs, yogurt etc. We should also do some physical activity, proper rest and have hygiene, healthy environment, fresh air and water etc. These things are essential for good health. Maintaining good health is a good habit to reduce congestion in front of hospitals, which should be learned from childhood with the help of our parents.

Similarly, healthy eating at the right time is very important for a healthy body, which is possible only with a balanced diet. Balanced diet promotes the proper development of our body, which keeps us mentally, physically and socially healthy. With good health we can cope with any bad situation in our life. We must always remember that it is very important for us to be healthy for our happy life, and for this we should always take care of our food. We should also do physical activity and exercise, sleep at the right time at night and get up early in the morning and take care of walking or running and resting from time to time.

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