Pick Up Beautiful Women Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place

If you are looking for surefire ways on how to pick up beautiful women, then this is the article you may want to read. The art of picking up beautiful women is not uncommon to men. However, most men lack the knowledge, the mastery and the courage to practice this art. Remember that if you want to be successful in picking up women anytime and anywhere, you need these three. But the most important of all is to put it into practice.

There are quite a few approaches on how to pick up beautiful women. These approaches are certified ways to get a woman anytime and anywhere. These approaches are what we are going to discuss here. The first approach is called the Blurt Out approach. This approach involves actually blurting out what you are thinking of. It is very effective especially on places where there is action or motion like in a grocery or a mall. For example, there is a beautiful woman walking towards you in a grocery. Getting her attention can be just as easy as saying this: “Wow! You really walk with grace.” Blurt Out is best combined with an implied compliment. Rephrasing the pick up line using an implied compliment, you get: “I really admire a woman walking gracefully so I might as well say ‘Hi’ to you.” You can see that the compliment is not targeted directly to the woman, but it is rather implied.

The next approach on how to pick up beautiful women is the Observation, Comment or Question. This approach is best done when you and your target is steady in a place such as a cafe. In this setting, you can easily make your observations to create a really powerful comment or question. For example, in a cafe, you see a beautiful woman absorbed in browsing the internet with her laptop. You can approach her with a line: “So how do you like your laptop brand? I heard that that laptop brand of yours is not really efficient.” With this question and comment, you are going to get a quick review on her laptop. You can now easily start a conversation with her.

The third one is the Put On approach. This approach involves making witty and funny questions and statements to get the attention of a woman. For this approach, let us take the example above where you are in a cafe with a beautiful woman browsing with her laptop. In this approach, you can use a line like: “Hey, you have been using the Wi-Fi here for over an hour now” though she has only been there for a few minutes. With this line, you are now the center of her attention in the cafe. If she just stays there without saying anything, you can follow up with a remark: “Oh, I thought you are that lady from a while ago, but just as I keep staring at you, you are actually beautiful than anybody here.” And that’s it. You now made her smile and the possibility that she might even start a conversation with you is quite high.

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