Everything That Exists Within You, is Beautiful, For You Are Beautiful My Friend

In life, a life that was given to us from our Creator and Lord, finding your inner self worth, may be the most beautiful thing in all of beauties complexity and entirety. As you grow in this world, slowly gaining consciousness, slowly adapting to your local and distant surroundings, you look upon yourself, and you see infinite potential. You see what a impressive and unique vessel God has created that is you, that is man, that is woman, that is beautiful. I am referring to inner beauty, for that inner beauty is what moves mountains, is what parts the seas, is what our Lord has intended for us to recognize and to be.

You may say to yourself, but of whom do you speak of, who has the powers to move mountains, to spread their wings and soar through the clouds? And I say to you, you my friend, you have these powers and much more. Now of all the wonderful and unique qualities and powers you possess, you may say to yourself, well how come I have never done any of these things you speak of here, how come you speak of so much beauty and power I have, but I have never done anything you speak of. And I say to you, you have my friend, you have.

You see everything we do, everything you have done, that was of good nature, of good intention, you have done these things. You see everything that has risen from you out of love for another, out of love for yourself, out of love for God, you have done these things. If you still find yourself struggling to really feel what I am speaking of, that is okay. You simply are not using that part of your spirit and mind that is receptive to inner beauty, but, only because you are choosing not to.

Something to marinate on then as well, you might say to yourself, this guy is just speaking nonsense, this guy is full of it. I would say to you, well why think badly on me, for everything that exist within me, exist within you. My love for myself, is the same love for you, for in actuality, their is no you and me, their is only I, but what is unique about you, and what is unique about me, is what and how God has made you, and how he has made me, ya dig.

On the flip side to that, you may say to yourself, oh this guy does not understand my struggles, he does not understand my families situations, and the hardships I go through, and have been through, he just speaks good and turns a eye to all the bad. I would say to you, why would you assume that I have no problems in my life, why would you assume that I have not struggled and maybe still continuing to struggle in my life, as well as my families life? I would say to you, do you not know that everything that is bad, that exist in you, exist in me as well.

Let me touch on that for a minute to prevent confusion, with all the negativity, the violence, the corruptness, extortion, all the negativity, just as the good fruits of the world fall upon yourself, the bad fruits of the world do as well. I had a friend during one of my college years before I dropped, he is still a friend, we just have lost connection, but my friends name is Fiyah. He once told me that in the Rastafarian religion, a man you see with dreads, may always cover his dreads with some kind of hat or drape. I asked him why is that, he told me some feel that with all the negativity, all the negative vibes that we conjure up and resonate from ourselves, that negativity may absorb into your hair, and your hair is part of your body. So the cloth, or hat, is your protection to all evil and negative thinking and resonance, therefore your inner beauty is shielded. I have remembered this since the day he told me and the day I became conscious to this fact.

This takes us back to what some may be thinking, why would you assume because I speak positive, I am not aware of the negative, I have not lived or experienced the negative. Again, I would say to you, everything that is negative or evil that has absorbed into you from our own corruption, has absorbed into me. Everything you may think of doing out of negativity, I have thought it, I may have done it, so why bring hate to one another when I speak of reflecting off this negativity, and focusing on the beauty that exist with in me, that exist with you, ya dig.

I compare life to a everlasting and constant puzzle, that may never be complete, for that would impossible, because to complete a life’s puzzle would mean perfection, and perfection is not of a human beings professions, as set by our God, although likewise, let us always strive for perfection in all we do and all we are. A constant puzzle, that is what life compares to in my own mind. As you grow, and you look upon yourself, you look in amazement of how many pieces you know have put together into proper space, but also, how many pieces remain to put into place. You can not seem to get a proper count of how many pieces is left to put into place, for it seems every time you become conscious to another piece of your inner worth’s puzzle, another place becomes open to fill.

Their is no end to self development, self worth, your health, your wealth, your wisdom. That is another thing my friend, you might say to yourself, well who has the ability to become wealthy, to be rich in finances and possessions? I would say to you, you do my friend, and so does every other, for everything that is good and necessary for you to become wealthy, is already in you, and is already in me. You simply must put it into action, anything, any profession, any business, where there is competition to gain wealth, is something you may want to reconsider spending your precious time with. Their is plenty wealth for everyone on this planet, everyone must first and only then, acknowledge that fact, and believe that fact.

Without believing you may become wealthy, you can not become wealthy my friend. With out believing in remaining healthy, treating your body as the temple it is, you may not stay as healthy as you may want to stay. Do you see what I am getting at, everything that is good and beautiful, already exist within you, for you were created in the image of God himself. All the knowledge you will ever need to possess, already exist with you, you simply must become conscious of this knowledge, to activate it in your database.

Life is deep my friends, life is very deep, and very precious. I usually reflect upon myself, on a day that I deemed to be a bad day, a day I did not live up to my potential. I am always very critical of myself, for I am not perfect, but I strive to be a close to perfect as possible. But because I am critical of myself, it has allowed me to become conscious and aware to so many things. It has allowed me to relate to those in need, to empower someone feeling down. One thing I have found to my friend before I end this passage, the hardest individual to bring up, to encourage, to motivate, is you. You can be the world for someone else, but you can be your own worst enemy. This is a topic I will save for another day, I want to think anyone who has taken the time out of their life to relate with me, try to live everyday to the maximum, and always, always, tell someone you love them, God Bless.

Charles K Walker is currently serving in the United States Coast Guard and running a business from home, or wherever his travels may take him. Charles is a very conscious minded individual, a spiritual man, and a devoted husband. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer junkie, dog lover, traveling the world, writing poetry, and helping and building relationships in business and in life. Charles loves to relate to those who enjoy building more than just their wallets and is a entrepreneur on a personal mission to maximize his life potential and help empower the youth as well as his community.

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