Top Five Places of Natural Beauty in Australia

Australia has been truly blessed with some of the most unique and spectacular natural beauty spots in the world. From impressive mountain ranges to the most stunning tropical rainforests and imposing rock formations, it is no wonder that so many people flock to experience the breathtaking beauty that Australia has to offer. Read on to learn more about five of the most beautiful natural wonders of this great land.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania’s most popular wilderness encounter is located in the heartland of one of the most beautiful world heritage listed national parks in this part of the country. The mountain itself is impressive and, at a massive 1545 metres above sea level, it is surrounded by a vast array of unique plant and animal life, stark cliff faces, deep gorges and the beautiful Lake St Clair which, at 200 metre deep, is the deepest glacial lake in Australia.

Nothing is more exclusive to Australia than the vast redness of the countries outback and perhaps the most recognised landmarks of the Australian desert is the illustrious Uluru. Uluru is the Aboriginal name for what was formally known as Ayes Rock. Situated in the Kata Tjuta National Park in the centre of this great country, Uluru is not just famous for being such an unusual land form but also for of its ever changing appearance caused by the effect of the sun. In fact the colours of the rock can change almost by the minute. Also located in this national park are the Olgas. Now known as Kata Tjuta, the same name as the national park, this curious rock formation is made up of thirty six rounded rocks with the tallest standing 200 metres higher than Uluru itself.

The Hunter Valley is a region in New South Wales about two hours drive north of Sydney. Stretching for about 150 kilometres, it is the oldest and most famous wine producing regions in Australia. As well as enjoying all that a great wine district has to offer, visitors to this region have a chance to experience the remarkable scenery which comprises the Hunter River system and the beautiful Wollombi Valley set against the backdrop of the picturesque mountain ranges.

Another of the many natural wonders of Australia are the Kimberleys. Located in the far top end of Western Australia, it is among one of the earliest settled areas in Australia, and luckily continues to be an area that remains virtually untouched. Renowned for its rugged beauty, the Kimberleys covers an area of around 421 000 square kilometres and consists of gorgeous beaches, ancient coral reefs, amazing quartz outcrops, picturesque gorges and rivers and the spectacular Bungle Bungles National Park.

In the far north east of Australia you will find the Daintree Rainforest. Situated about two hours drive north of Cairns, the Daintree National Park comprises about 1200 square kilometres of one of world’s oldest and most beautiful tropical rainforests. The Daintree Rainforest supports over 3000 species of plants and is home to a huge variety of animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. This rainforest is as important ecologically as it is beautiful and, with it receiving its world heritage status in 1988, much is being done to ensure the preservation of this Australian beauty.

The diversity of the Australian landscape is certainly unique. The size of this great country has enabled many of these landmarks to remain unspoiled and has allowed visitors the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of these amazing tourist attractions.

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